In yet more empty rhetoric Narendra Modi now vows that he will do in 50 months what others have not done in 50 years obviously referring to the Congress. But over the last 16 months he has only been blabbering and merrily touring the world. And for the next 34 months that is all he will be up to. All indications are however that in Corruption the BJP may pocket in 50 months what it took the Congress 50 years.

Like Dr Manmohan Singh, now Narendra Modi too sits mum when his government is cornered. He promised the country the moon but has miserably failed to deliver.  It has been only empty glossy talk all the way. With his one man rule, basic democratic values have been consigned to the wind.

Nothing has been done to strengthen the Right to Information Act while the Lok Pal is also not in place only affording ‘Acche din’ for the corrupt. It is no secret that the Narendra Modi government is geared, controlled, and manipulated by the RSS and the VHP who are deeply entrenched in their very divisive ideology.

Fascism is at its peak, with sheer intolerance to criticism. L. K. Advani was not wrong in voicing his concern as recently as on 18th June this year that the repeat of Emergency could happen. The people of India are now seeing through NaMo’s vicious game plan with the chorus already bugling ‘Modi Hatao Desh Bachao’.




  1. I am of the same opinion as that of Adv. Ires Rodriguez. I salute him for his keen observation on this creature who is out to wreak & polarise this country. As I said before, the SAFFRON BRIGADE IS FULL OF SHIT.

  2. Perhaps the ‘acchhe din’ were referred to their own better days. Surely where most of them come from, the best they could have accomplished and the highest office they could have even remotely dreamed of, have been ‘conquered’. Apart from the BJP people, I doubt if anyone can say their better days have come.

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