The beleaguered Panaji Police Inspector Sidhant Shirodkar to divert public attention is now claiming that the 19 year old Rahul Yadoli from St Inez who he mercilessly bashed up on the night of 19th May at the Panaji Police Station is a ‘goon’.

Even if Rahul Yadoli is the biggest ‘goon’ on earth he cannot be denied his basic human rights. Every police officer including Sidhant Shirodkar is duty bound not to flex his muscles but act strictly within the framework of law adhering to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Penal Code. Otherwise we would not have required Police Stations and managing the law of the jungle could have been outsourced to the underworld.

The very wily and sweet talker that he is, Sidhant Shirodkar is well versed in the art of manipulation besides attempting to keep his superiors content by providing them all and sundry. Sidhanth Shirodkar is also known like a chameleon to bow and bend besides crawling at the feet of his changing political masters.

And Sidhant Shirodkar now desperately requires all the political patronage possible as he is currently facing a probe by the Anti-Corruption Branch in the huge documented disproportionate assets case filed against him by the Margao based United Goans Foundation. Besides huge real estate properties in Goa, Police Inspector Sidhant Shirodkar reportedly also owns a SPA at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai which he has allegedly concealed in his sister’s name.

With so much of huge wealth illegally and deviously acquired, what role model is Sidhant Shirodkar to the youth like Rahul Yadoli.

Besides his other very naughty acts, Police Inspector  Sidhant Shirodkar will always be remembered for that  brute manner in which on November 21st 2015 he dealt with late Fr. Bismarque Dias’s supporters at  Panaji by crudely in his infamous words saying  to them “Justice ditatuka f**ya” (I’ll give you justice, you f***er).

We need to wholeheartedly support the struggle of the police personnel for their better working and living conditions, but they should never be spared for any of their dark deeds. And unfortunately the Goa Police has one too many black sheep who bring sheer disgrace to the entire force and must in public interest be herded off to the Colvale Central Jail.



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