A very  senior BJP leader on condition of anonymity has today revealed that the July 1st BJP National President Amit Shah’s  unlawful public meeting at Goa’s Dabolim Airport was meticulously pre-planned four  days earlier while maintaining total secrecy knowing that such a meeting was prohibited by law. That Airport public meeting was therefore not included in Amit Shah’s two day Goa itinerary which was circulated in advance to the press.

With Amit Shah scheduled to arrive at 11.15 am, the officials of the Electricity department and the PWD were there at 9.30 am to quickly set up the stage, red carpet and the sound system. Even the Vasco Joint Mamlatdar Vimod Dalal was infact directed a day earlier to be present at the Airport on 1st July to maintain law and order at that public meeting.

So despite all this, how does the very devious BJP today have the audacity to claim that the meeting was spontaneous and the arrangements were made at the last minute by the party workers?

In trying to defend its sinful act, the BJP is now getting caught in a web of lies. The BJP and Amit Shah owe an apology to the nation for having acted as cowboys and virtual goondas in total violation of law. For abusing power and authority they should be punished in accordance with law. Power in the hands of such bandits is disastrous and catastrophic.

The stoic silence by Vijai Sardesai and Rohan Khaunte on this very sad and sordid saga is deafening. On 11th March while mating the saffron brigade they had vowed to be very watchful dogs if the BJP ever abused power.  Goa and Goans will not put up with this Fot, Foting and Fotingponn.



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