A very big thank you to all my dear friends and well-wishers for all your care and concern after that 27th November attack. It was yet another desperate attempt to deviously malign my name. Such politically orchestrated and deceptive tactics will never ever deter or distract my commitment to continue with all vigour my over four-decade long battle against Corruption, Nepotism and Injustice.

Many may feel that helping the people especially the poor and down trodden is a thankless job. I beg to differ with this misconception. My biggest and invaluable asset today is my mountain of friends and well-wishers across Goa and around the world.

As Goa’s humble soldier, the task of serving the people is a commitment I will carry on till my very last breath. In all that I have done and not done, only God and the people at large will judge all my acts and deeds.



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