I would not even waste my time and self esteem commenting on that rabid and very dubious Vasco based NGO which has been hired at a premium price to tirade against me. Their devious gimmicks will not work as the truth cannot be masked.

Infact it would be below my dignity and self respect to comment as the nauseating credentials of that NGO are known to all.

Even those in the world’s oldest profession do it better. God save Goa from such Canines.

On a lighter note, that Vasco based NGO after pocketing a handsome packet, burnt my effigy in Panaji. But despite all that illicit fuel poured and wasted, I am still alive, well guarded by the Almighty God and the prayers coupled with the good wishes of Goa’s poorest of the poor. Infact it is that profiteering NGO that now stands exposed and charred. Amen



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