Goa after being without a Chief Minister for over three long months has now landed up with a partially incapacitated part-time one. After have been advised rest by his doctors,  it was Manohar Parrikar’s onus to gracefully hand over the reigns to someone,  so that Goa could get a break and move on. Despite nobody in this world being indispensable, the power hungry and egoistic Manohar Parrikar somehow wants to cling on to that Chief Minister’s chair and sink Goa further, now through his cronies.

As even to be a government peon one need’s to be medically absolutely fit, how does the power intoxicated Manohar Parrikar continue as Chief Minister putting the health of the entire State in peril. He should at least now, think about our state’s welfare and take his long overdue political retirement so that we can get the much needed full-time Chief Minister to steer Goa out of the woods. We need a very healthy and honest Chief Minister who would move around Goa and be accessible to the people, the poorest of the poor.

In 2007 Manohar Parrikar had publicly vowed that it would be his last election. However in that greed and lust for power he went back on his own word and contested yet again in 2012 and became Chief Minister after promising the people of Goa a Parivartan by way of Good Governance and Zero Tolerance to Corruption. But given the string of his swift U-Turns, the people soon realised that by trusting Manohar Parrikar and electing the BJP, Goa landed from the frying pan into the fire.

In November 2014, with the State engulfed in rampant Corruption, nepotism and bad governance, Manohar Parrikar left a messed up Goa in a huff to be the Defence Minister of India while he continued to deviously operate as the de-facto Chief Minister reducing the then incumbent Laxmikant Parsekar to a mere ornamental puppet.

After his disastrous stint as Defence Minister, in March 2017 Manohar Parrikar very deceitfully and through all crooked means forced himself back as Goa’s Chief Minister despite the people’s verdict having clearly been against the BJP.

Panaji sadly remains a decaying and sinking city despite Manohar Parrikar having been its MLA for over two long decades, thrice the Chief Minister and even being the Defence Minister of the country. With all the power at his hands, Manohar Parrikar could do nothing for our State and his Panaji constituency. Couldn’t even clean up the stinking St Inez and Rua de Ourem creeks.

Over the years Manohar Parrikar has allowed Goa to plummet while he has minted a fortune for his family to merrily feast on for generations. Less said the better on how his partners in Crime like Siddharth Kunkolienkar have risen from Rags to Riches raking the moolah galore and now even not sparing that foul Panaji Smart City Mission to further line up their overflowing pockets.

Two decades ago, like many others, I too had held Manohar Parrikar in great esteem while even worked  alongside him and the BJP, believing that he was a ray of hope for Goa. But I had to part company after I was faced with clinching evidence that Manohar Parrikar was very corrupt, communal, casteist and vindictive.

It is time for the now rancid Manohar Parrikar to pack up so that Goa which today has sadly become a gambling, prostitution, narcotics and crime destination may finally see some much needed Acche din.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Over to you Manohar Parrikar.



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