While 2019 is here the currently comatose and headless Goa Government is on the wrong track at the very start.

Despite so many burning issues grappling the State, it is so very appalling that a mere three day sham session of the Goa Legislative Assembly is being held at the end of January.

This is a mere cosmetic exercise to only fulfill that constitutional requirement that the Legislative Assembly has to meet once in six months. Even the last two sessions were a sheer mockery.

While in the Opposition, Vijai Sardesai and Rohan Khaunte were vociferously propounding for longer sessions of the Legislative Assembly, but now while so intoxicated with Power they are playing to a very different tune.

We elect Legislators to debate issues concerning the people and to enact good laws. But our Ministers and MLAs are content inaugurating culverts and toilets while breaking a coconut at the hot-mixing of roads has become their hobby.

It is an irony that many of our Ministers and MLAs struggle even in these short sessions to keep themselves awake during the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. What a shame!

In a way we deserve the crap that we knowingly elect.


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