Any political interference and manipulation in the selection of government employees is unacceptable it being very unlawful. Infact the law requires that the selection, promotion and transfer of all government employees should be totally insulated from any political machinations whatsoever.

It should be strictly on merit and merit alone should be the sole criteria in the selection and appointment of every government employee to any post.

After the BJP came to power in 2012 we have seen in Goa thousands being brazenly recruited into government service with merit thrown to the winds. It has been a deceitful attempt to create a vote bank while many jobs have been dished away to the highest bidders. All this is reflecting in the functioning of the government offices with very incompetent staff having managed to creep in with the blessings of their political god fathers.

Ironically with crores of rupees being drained on E-Governance the bureaucracy should have shrunk but has infact been bloating by the day while only further screwing an already depleted State exchequer.

This would be a fit case for our High Court to take Suo motu cognizance and order a probe into this absolutely illegal ongoing politically orchestrated recruitment to government service.


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