Over the last few years the fraudulent agents of the BJP have been running a massive cash for jobs scam duping thousands of gullible Goan youth, by falsely promising them phantom government jobs in exchange for a fortune. As a result, innocent young people have lost their hard-earned savings and many have borrowed or even sold their gold enticed by that forlorn hope of a non-existent government job.

One such agent is Vinod Desai from Sao Pedro in Old Goa who used to earlier work for Union Minister Shripad Naik and over the last two years was very close to Manohar Parrikar and Sidharth Kunkalienkar. Vinod’s wife Minal working at Kiran Thakur’s Lokmanya Multi-Purpose Co-op Society where she was within the bank premises itself collecting the money from these duped job seekers. Despite being aware that the duped youth were lining up at the bank, Kiran Thakur instead of sacking Minal transferred her to the bank’s branch in Belgaum where she is now working.

The other BJP racketeering agent is Deepashree Prashant Mhato who was staying at Gharse Tower, opp Don Bosco High School in Panaji and running the cash for job racket from there but disappeared after her victims started hounding her for the status of their promised jobs. Ironically Deepashree Mhato was in January this year appointed as Library Attendant by the Department of Art & Culture at the Central Library at Panaji Patto. After working for a few days, she vanished after her victims started thronging the Central library. She has since not reported for work and show cause notices sent to her by the department have been returned unserved while she is busy absconding and untraceable.

Both Vinod Desai and Deepashree Mhato have told their victims that the money they paid was shared with BJP State President Vinay Tendulkar, former MLA Sidharth Kunkalienkar and other senior BJP office bearers.

Many of the victims are scared to complain fearing retribution by the BJP leaders and also have no confidence that the police will act against ruling BJP politicians.  It is morally repugnant that innocent youth desperate for legitimate jobs promised by the leadership of the BJP many times should be duped by the very people or their agents losing everything they possessed  in exchange for forlorn hope, fear of retribution and lack of police protection should they complain.

Since this entire job scam is very serious and extremely disturbing with thousands having been duped by crores of rupees, I would appeal to our Chief Secretary and DGP to forthwith intervene by directing that the police must by a public notice, call for a meeting of all those duped so that the accused scamsters of this very mega job scam are brought to book. The BJP leaders involved in this loot should also not be spared.

Justice for these duped youth must not only be done but it must also be seen to be done!


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