Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has rightly stated that the BJP does not need to invoke ‘Mission Salcette’ which was pursued by Manohar Parrikar.

A lackluster RSS indoctrinated Pramod Sawant fearing the public wrath on account of his utter lack of communication skills in English, has deviously chosen to outsource ‘Mission Salcette’ to the lowest bidder of this political season the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’now headed by former senior Goa Government officer Elvis Gomes. Who can also forget how Pramod Sawant incurred the wrath of people all over Goa last year, with an unprovoked meaningless attack, insulting their intelligence and warning the people to ‘Beware of saying Viva Portugal, Goa is Not under Portuguese Rule’!

But the voters of Goa and in particular those in Salcette are wise enough to read between the lines and will not fall for the bait dangled by a politically desperate Elvis Gomes.

This month’s crucial elections both to the Lok Sabha and the three Goa Assembly seats will be a straight fight between the Congress and the BJP except in Shiroda where many feel that the MGP’s Deepak Dhavalikar has a clear edge.

I rightly lost all that respect I had for Elvis Gomes when as those results of the Goa Assembly elections were being declared on 6th  March 2012, the then very senior Government officer Elvis Gomes was seen at the BJP headquarters in Panaji celebrating and flirting with Chief Minister designate Manohar Parrikar. It was a most unbecoming conduct by Elvis Gomes,  as he then was a senior bureaucrat and every government servant is by law constitutionally duty bound to be politically very neutral at all times. So what Swaraj is Elvis today lecturing about?

There is also documented evidence that Elvis Gomes as a Senior officer allowed himself to be misused by Manohar Parrikar and the BJP as their conduit in many of their illegal acts. That Manohar Parrikar later blackmailed Elvis is another issue.

And if Elvis Gomes was truly keen to serve Goa, he could have done a lot more for the State through those plum government posts he then held, rather than venturing in 2017 into electoral politics.

As at the Goa Assembly elections in 2017, the now corroded and disfigured AAP intend to once again act as political fodder of the BJP and the RSS. But the very astute Goa and Goans are no fools and will not be taken for a ride again by the now very disgruntled AAP which may have given up those ‘Topis’ but want to naively split Goa’s votes to the benefit of the BJP while destroying Goa’s secular fabric.

We all know that every vote for the AAP and other fringe parties including the independents will only allow the BJP to deceitfully slip in through the backdoor or by default to the detriment of our Goa. No Goan will dare waste their precious vote on AAP whose political chicanery will never be allowed. Posterity will never forgive us if we blindly waste our precious vote and let in the BJP by default who seem hell-bent on carrying on their discredited and corrupt legacy with broken promises and endless U-Turns!. So at these ensuing very crucial elections, voting for the Congress is the only way Forward.


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