16th April 2019

My dear friends,

Just to inform you that I will be unavailable at my office in Ribandar from today and will be back only on April 24thafterplaying my part in the current ‘Dance for Democracy’ at the Parliamentary elections while we all ensure the crushing defeat of the corrupt, autocratic and ruthless BJP.

But as always, while I am out of office if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call me at anytime on 9822684372 which will continue to be your dedicated helpline over my lifetime.  Alternatively please email me at airesrodrigues1@gmail.com. You can also reach me on Facebook.com/ AiresRodrigues, Twitter@rodrigues_aires or at  www.airesrodrigues.com

Being very conscious of the hardships faced by Goans, I would remind you that we get what we Vote for and it will be in vain if we make the wrong choice now and grumble later and regret our wasted vote for the next five years.  I can proudly say that I have fought vociferously against the wrong doings of the then Congress Government but with the BJP we went from the Frying pan into the Fire.

The importance of our vote to rectify the political mess that we find ourselves in has never been greater.On 23rd April, our only choice between the two major parties, would be voting for the CONGRESS whose party symbol is the HAND and by routing the BJP whose symbol LOTUS needs to wilt permanently before it wilts the people. Election Day must mark the end of years of willful neglect and deceit of the people of Goa by the BJP with lies, broken promises and endless U-Turns.

I am so distressed to have heard yesterday evening from a very reliable government source at the Secretariat that the then very ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had in January this year so deviously outsourced to the Aam Aadmi Party headed by Elvis Gomes that task of splitting the secular votes in South Goa. Will revert to you my dear friends as soon as that hard evidence and further detailed facts are in my hands.

Enough is enough! Even at this late stage Goa and our great country needs to be rescued and saved. By defeating the current very Autocratic, Corrupt and Communal BJP, this decay, poor governance and rampant corruption can and will be stopped and allow everyone to positively move forward. A few minutes of your time and making the right choice by voting the Congress will make that difference.

Just to reiterate that I would relentlessly always strive for the well being of our Goa and our dear Goans till my very last breath. I owe it to my Goa and our amazing India.

With best regards


Aires Rodrigues


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