Let us all heartily commend and thank Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and his eleven other Ministers for having for once taken the very right decision in unanimously bestowing Goa with Adv. Devidas Pangam as the much needed new Advocate General who in terms of legal knowledge is very well qualified, besides being outstandingly and extremely honest and always a down to earth gentleman to the core.

Devidas Pangam would need a tanker or more of concentrated Dettol to cleanse and attempt to sanitize the gory mess left behind earlier in the Advocate General’s office by Atmaram Nadkarni and his very own relative, the current AG Dattaprasad Lawande. They have both brought utter disgrace to the esteemed Advocate General’s office by choosing to be pimps of their political masters in even gearing and guiding Goa Police’s Anti- Corruption and Crime branch as tools of the government to harass and terrorise their political foes.

Let us now pray that the very upright Devidas Pangam in the discharge of his sacred duties as the next Advocate General of Goa will unlike his last two predecessors strictly adhere by the Rule book and will never be swayed by political pressures or financial temptations.  Devidas Pangam will do Goa and Goans proud.

As the First Law of the State , Devidas Pangam will appreciate that his office must not be influenced by any public or political pressures and that upholding the integrity and independence of his role and his office like that of the judiciary is of paramount importance.

The challenges facing Devidas Pangam are enormous given the disastrous abuses and neglect by the last two AGs but fortunately he has the right credentials to discharge his duties honestly and  effectively for the benefit of Goa and Goans remembering always that not only must Justice be done but must be seen to be done.


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