The very unprofessional and chronically corrupt Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) last month hurriedly and recklessly dug all the roads in Ribandar causing utter chaos and untold misery to the residents of the densely populated area.

And later the sub-standard work of restoring the dug-up roads was also done carelessly which will gravely endanger the  life and property of the locals with the monsoons all set to rage in.

The guilty officials of the IPSCDL would be solely responsible for any damage to life and property that the residents of Ribandar may have to endure on account of the very gross negligence, corrupt practices and high-handedness of these officials.

No official of the IPSCDL, right from the Managing Director through to the lower ranks can escape from their responsibility and duty of care to the residents. They will not be spared for any harm or loss that the residents of Ribandar to whom they are accountable may have to face on account of the rogue IPSCDL officials’ well-known greed to loot.  Shoddy and uncaring works is on account of the officials filling up their pockets.

Please pray for Ribandar as we brace for the fury of the monsoons and facing the grim reality that our officials paid by us the taxpayers have compromised our safety. They have put their self-interests before the lives and property of the residents, leaving us with extremely unsafe and dilapidated roads.


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