In 2003 the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had publicly announced that anyone spotting a pothole on any road in Goa would be rewarded with Rs 1000. We are now in 2019 and may we know from the current Chief Minister Pramod Sawant what his offer is. For a financially wrecked government, may be this time around it should be an award for a road without a pothole, as there is none.

The thrust of the government should be in first urgently tackling the causes of the increasing number of road accidents. The roads across Goa are in an extremely pathetic and very critical state. With such large craters on most roads a helmet by itself may be of no succor. There also needs to be a total crackdown on drunken driving and reckless over speeding. Unlicensed drivers should be severely penalized and kept off the road.

Does the government need to be reminded that the Bombay High Court has ruled that good motorable roads is our fundamental right? The government has a fundamental duty to serve and protect its citizens from any threats personally or to their property. The willful neglect and poor policing of those that abuse our roads is an unacceptable failure of government damaging our citizens and their property as a result.



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