On the explicit and bizarre directions of the then very ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, our huge national flag was hoisted on a very high pole erected at the Panaji end of the new Mandovi Bridge, just before its inauguration in January this year.

Infact as the national flag is hoisted only at vital government institutions;the very hoisting on the road side of the bridge was making a mockery of the sanctity and solemnity of our very revered national flag.

That flag has now suddenly disappeared, possibly after the government having belatedly realized that it was a folly to senselessly hoist our national flag there. Maybe it was pointed out to them that they may have breached the Flag code of India by not distinctly placing the flag in a place of honour.

And again by not hoisting and lowering the flag ceremoniously and simultaneously to the bugle calls with all those present standing to attention needs to be deprecated. May better judgment and much needed wisdom always prevail on the authorities in all that they do putting the common good before their own!

And could we please now investigate why our National flag is still being hoisted in Panaji even though the State Secretariat has been moved to Porvorim decades ago. Is it to legitimize the loot by those Panaji Smart City rogues who are now housed in the Old Secretariat? Our national flag represents and symbolizes a country and must never be used or abused by any group of individuals for their own benefit.


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