The people of Goa are so distraught and very disgusted with the recent 10 Congress MLAs overnight joining the BJP for the lust of power and pecuniary gains. They have not only let down their party but selfishly and cunningly betrayed their voters and supporters. Yet again some of our devious MLAs have proved that putting their personal needs before the common good of the people with the welfare of Goa not being a priority. Goans have witnessed political chicanery of the highest order. These 10 MLAs need to be politically castrated for having taken the people of Goa for a ride.

In May this year during the campaign for the Panaji Assembly Constituency by-election, the BJP and Chief Minister Pramod Sawant while raking up Babush Monseratte’s criminal antecedents had accused him of being a rapist and that the women of Panaji would not be safe if he was elected as MLA. Will the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant tell us if he is comfortable with the very same alleged ‘rapist ‘now in his cabinet?

Mr. Pramod Sawant has proved once again that he cannot be trusted and that his words are meaningless hot air uttered to fool the gullible. Equally, the Panaji MLA Babush Monseratte as recently as the 2nd of  July was complaining and condemning the very same Chief Minister Sawant and the previous BJP MLAs of Panaji in public and on social media for the neglect of Panaji and not wishing to have any transparency in the Smart City Projects. He lamented that the CM was trampling on his right to conduct a review or progress meeting within his constituency. Babush Monserrate said and I quote ‘This is nothing but an act of trickery by the CM to hide the Smart City Scams from the people of Panaji. The Hon CM continues his quest to keep IPSCDL as a mystery property in possession. He has chosen to keep all Panjikars along with me in the dark on his obscure mission’.

Given such serious accusations from both sides, one wonders what could have changed in less than a week? It seems that these utterances with a forked tongue was nothing more than a smoke screen to fool the gullible. The only people kept in the dark about the treachery and betrayal being hatched at the same time were the people of Goa, that they are answerable to. During the whole of April and May 2019 every slogan and banner from Babush Monserrate had the Hand symbol Vote for Congress next to his image begging the people to elect him with the various promises that he would deliver as a Congress MLA. Not one had a symbol of a musical chair or the letters BJP inscribed on them.  The lust for power and the greed of crores of rupees made both to take leave of their senses and to exercise their abuse of power at the expense of the democratic right of the people that voted in good faith.

The Anti-Defection law was enacted to bring some sanity in the manner in which the elected MPs and MLAs function, but very sadly over the last many years Goa has led in innovating and devising devious ways of circumventing the anti-defection law.

MLAs are elected to serve the public, but this latest mob of defectors have again proved that they have only served themselves. This calls for immediate strengthening of the Anti-defection law to ensure that a handful of corrupt individuals are not allowed to destroy peoples trust and faith in democracy by playing musical chairs with peoples’ precious votes and lives. Goans are mature enough to always remember this act of treachery and smart enough to never trust this gang of ten and their accomplices again.

Besides hanging their heads in shame, these arrogant self-serving MLAs would do well to remember the natural law of KARMA. One day it will get back to them. They will feel and experience the same U-TURNS that Goans have been made to feel today by their callous selfish betrayal. Devious selfish people that create their own Drama deserve their own Karma!


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