It is a disgrace that the Cumbarjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar at the behest of the builder’s lobby has suddenly woken up from his slumber to oppose the now much needed garbage treatment plant at Bainguinim. This plant when commissioned will take care of the entire garbage of at least the five constituencies of Tiswadi Taluka. Ironically all the other four MLAs of Tiswadi Taluka are also intrinsically linked with the land mafia.

Infact the proposed site which is over two long kilometers from Old Goa and not close to the heritage area. Our politicians to facilitate the loot and plunder by the builders have laid out a seven meter road and electric poles there. Within the vicinity is a school which has been built illegally under the guise of a farm house with the blessings of Pandurang Madkaikar. All this and other illegal constructions that have come up there should be probed.

The garbage plant at Bainguinim is the need of the hour and it cannot wait any longer. The Bombay High Court on this 11 July in its 30 page order amongst other directives has ordered the Goa Government to ensure that the Bainguinim Garbage disposal plant is functional within 28 months.

The Court in its order has noted that “Garbage issue in the State of Goa has assumed critical proportions. It has gravely affected civic life in the State. So many areas have come up here, within the jurisdictions of Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporation and Panchayats, which have practically become unauthorised dumping grounds”.

Having effective garbage treatment plants is the only way to mitigate the disastrous environmental menace and health hazard posed by irresponsible garbage management that has plagued and shamed Goa. This is an urgent vital need that must be actioned urgently for the benefit of the many. Pandering to the whims of the Greedy and short sighted few is not acceptable.


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