The latest wildlife census by the Government of India has revealed that Goa still has three Tigers around. But with those ten Congress MLAs jumping ship overnight to embrace the BJP for the lust of Power and that very huge Casino sponsored Moolah, do we call them ‘Makodd’, ‘Reddo’ or ‘Paddo’. In addition to these three, our MLAs emulate the antics of many more wildlife species.

In fact you could create a whole Zoo with them! Some are like Chameleons and other insects that change their colour. Some are like Leopards that will never change their spots of greed.  Some are as slow as snails and tortoises to effect any meaningful change for the good of Goans. Some are like frogs hopping from one pool of loot to another and croaking if they don’t get enough of their share of loot or a ministerial office. Some are like soft bellied octopuses ready to change shape or principles at anytime as long as their eight tentacles longer than the arms of an octopus are firmly entrenched in many sordid pies other than what they get elected and entrusted to do. Some are like crabs constantly trying to pull the other person down.

For Jennifer Monseratte who shamelessly also joined that motley saffron bandwagon defies logic and she would have to be given another name. Needless to elaborate!

MLAs that betray the voter, their paymasters, must realise that these party hopping antics will backfire once the honeymoon period ends and they restlessly start jostling again for the various kodels of power and commission. After all old habits die hard and he that pays the piper always calls the tune.

These notorious Ten now disgraced Congress MLAs have betrayed their Party and the voters who elected them. Even those in the world’s oldest profession fare better. These MLAs need to be hounded and must face the wrath for their political chicanery. God Save Goa.



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