The manner in which Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has utterly mishandled the crucial issue of our Taxi drivers and the other burning concern of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) has only exposed the administrative and political utter immaturity of Pramod Sawant who Manohar Parrikar failingly chose as his heir apparent. Pramod Sawant being from the RSS, his rank arrogance in public life comes as no surprise whatsoever.

There is no denying that the late Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister departed leaving a huge trail of administrative and financial chaos for his successor. Come what may, Pramod Sawant did not have the ethical and administrative skills cum acumen to step into his predecessors shoes, neither does he have that much needed charisma and with his incommunicable English, it sadly leaves him as a tortoise that will never make any headway.

On the Taxi issue the Goa government should have lodged its own APP to the benefit of all taxi drivers who are mostly Goans. The Goa Airmiles has attracted migrant drivers overnight who will only further corrode Goa’s once refined fabric which is now sinking by the day.

Undisputedly the Government should act against Goan Taxi drivers if they have allegedly been over charging tourists. This has to be dealt with an iron hand and no financial fleecing of domestic or foreign tourists is acceptable.

While the BJP government since March 2017 has been publicly professing by Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn, the ground reality has time and again proved that this government has reneged on that very solemn promise.

In a democracy, only the will of the people has to prevail. Political equations cannot bypass the needs of Tiswadi Taluka to have a state of the art garbage Treatment plant which would be a very gigantic relief to our people.  This plant which will assist the residents of the entire five assembly constituencies of Tiswadi needs all our support and more particularly of the five MLAS of Tiswadi.

A distinct lack of leadership, dithering and lack of ideas on anything and everything from the  Taxi driver issue, the coastal zone management plan or the urgently needed Garbage Treatment plant by CM Pramod Sawant clearly not up to the job does not bode well for the people of Goa.

Firefighting on every issue with no sign of extinguishing will ensure that Goa continues to be paralysed and neglected like it has been for years while Pramod Sawant and his merry band of MLAs continue to play the fiddle like Nero.


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