Despite the Goa Government Secretariat having moved to Porvorim, the State flag hoisting functions continue at the Old Secretariat in Panaji.

In public interest, the Goa Government should hold the Independence Day flag-hoisting function at the Secretariat in Porvorim instead of inconveniencing the public by holding it opposite the busy Old Secretariat at Panaji. On every Independence Day the road opposite the Old Secretariat in Panaji is closed for traffic and unnecessary inconvenience is caused to the Aam Aadmi. It is most improper to close a very busy public road when there is an alternative and far more appropriate venue.

Along with the Independence Day flag hoisting, the Republic and Liberation Day functions should also be held at the Porvorim Secretariat. It would be good for security reasons too. Besides, in every State such functions are always held at the Government Secretariat. Why should it be any different in Goa? The National flag is a symbol of the nation’s and state’s pride and must be respectfully hoisted with all those present standing to attention and facing the flag and those in uniform rendering the appropriate salute. Surely, the best place to provide the respect on behalf of the people of the state must be the Secretariat which represents the office of state that administers the affairs of the state on behalf of the people.

The government should also contemplate having only one State function in a place of honour and the seat of Government where the significance of the day should be honoured, instead of making a mockery of the auspicious days by having functions allover the place. The Goa Government should also ensure that the expenditure on such and all other government functions is kept to the bare minimum. It is hoped that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will look into the issue.

May this Independence Day function be held at the Secretariat in Porvorim to ensure that the public in Panaji are not inconvenienced and because due respect must be provided to our national flag on behalf of all the people in a place that houses the representatives and Government of the people.




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