The just concluded lacklustre 20 day session of the Goa Legislative Assembly witnessed Chief Minister Pramod Sawant delivering a mountain of assurances to all and sundry. Many of the promises now made by Pramod Sawant are a repeat of assurances by his predecessor Manohar Parrikar since 2012. That Pramod Sawant must have lost count of all the assurances made is another issue.

While the quality of debates were extremely poor, it was appalling that some Ministers and MLAs while even speaking on congratulatory and condolences motions read their speeches. It only depicts the pathetic quality of MLAs we elect.

Ironically, while the Assembly did not find time to discuss serious issues grappling the State, the MLAs spent over two long hours flattering Pramod Sawant on being felicitated by his Sankhali Constituency with characterless ‘Sankhali Bhushan’ award. It was a very obnoxious move by the MLAs and a criminal waste of precious legislative time.

Pratapsingh Rane after failing to garner support of MLAs to his move that all MLAs should be given plots at Porvorim so that they reach the Assembly Session on time, was however successful in getting through his resolution that large portraits of former Chief Ministers be installed at the Secretariat. In fact he has now guaranteed himself a portrait at the Secretariat.

Nothing more needs to be said on how the wily and cunning Pratapsingh Rane and his family have for almost five decades merrily and lavishly lived at the cost of the taxpayer whether he was in the ruling or Opposition.



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