It is absolutely outrageous that the Goa Government has had the rank audacity to so deceitfully declare Goa as Open Defecation Free (ODF). The very sordid ground reality is there for all to see with people urinating and even defecating out in the open everywhere. In the hills, the fields and along the riverside across Goa we see it all. Even not spared is the Porvorim slope just below the Government Secretariat which is used by hordes of laborers to publicly ease themselves. It is also not uncommon seeing tourists on arrival urinating around the bus terminals due to lack of proper toilets. Same is the sorry state of affairs even at most government offices.

Having miserably failed to deliver on any of its promises from effective garbage management to safe and smooth roads and adequate medical facilities to name but a few, the incompetent Goa Government must hang its head in shame. Nothing more needs to be said on this Government’s failed solemn promise to the long suffering people of Goa that all the roads would be free of potholes before this Ganesh Chaturthi. The bottom line is that for Goa to be Open Defecation Free we would have to first free ourselves from the rampant corruption that our State is engulfed in. The astute people of Goa are no fools to be hoodwinked by false facts and figures deviously released by the Government.


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