Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had summoned a public interaction of that beleaguered Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) with the citizens of Panaji on 28th May at the Menezes Braganza Hall in Panaji but at the last minute he abruptly cancelled it while publicly assuring us all that it would be very soon re-scheduled.

It is now over three long months and that meeting has still not been called, perhaps because the Panaji Congress MLA Babush Monseratte is now well locked and languishing strangled in the BJP cage. How does playing musical chairs and jumping from party to party for the greed of ill-gotten gains and the lust for power negate the urgent need to ensure that the truth prevails in the best interests of the taxpayer and Panjimites especially when Babush Monseratte had demanded the same while in opposition? Has his principles sunk to such depths of hypocrisy and double standards and being a deliberate disappointment to the electorate?

It is worth reminding Goans what Babush Monseratte had said about Pramod Sawant’s behavior, following the abrupt cancellation of the Imagine Panaji Smart City’s projects discussion that he had called in his capacity as Panaji MLA. In condemning CM Sawant, Babush Monserrate said ‘This is nothing but an act of trickery by the CM to hide the Smart City Scams from the people of Panaji. The Honourable CM he added, continues his quest to keep IPSCDL as a mystery property in possession. He has chosen to keep all Panjikars along with me, an elected representative of Panaji in the dark on his obscure mission’.

It is very imperative that Pramod Sawant should at the earliest possible convene this crucial meeting which he abruptly cancelled with the Citizens of Panaji so that the true facts and figures of this so-called multi-crore Panaji Smart City mega scam venture and loot all comes to the fore. He must realise that he is responsible and accountable for his actions and misdeeds to the people of Panjim and Goa.

Those who have deviously pocketed crores under the guise of transforming Panaji into a Smart City need to be exposed and mercilessly punished if not hanged. These culpable culprits that were given responsibility for this adventure and squandered crores of public funds to enrich themselves must now be held accountable to the very Smart Citizens of Panaji. These scamsters must realize that they can run but they can no longer hide their misdeeds from the people of Panaji and Goa at large.

And when the Ribandar roads which is part of Panaji Constituency are in a very despicable state, the MLA Babush Monseratte cannot be absconding. Having now merrily embraced the Casino lobby Babush Monseratte has shamelessly gone back on that promise to Panajimites that all the Casinos in the River Manodovi would be removed in 100 days. Shame on you, Babush Monseratte. Please quit and make way for a new honourable, knowledgeable and decent MLA. Its time Babush Monseratte and other politicians realize that election promises cannot be like China made goods, with no warranty and neither a guarantee. The people of Panaji will hold you accountable for fooling them and taking them on a jolly good ride.

There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept. Gandhi once said ‘Breach of promise is a base surrender of truth’.


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