It’s not just on Teacher’s day, but always that we need to remember our dear teachers for the role they play in moulding and shaping our future.

All through school and up to the very completion of my Law degree, I was tremendously blessed with ever so caring and loving teachers who taught with a dedicated sense of hope, passion, motivation and focused direction. Throughout my student days they always encouraged me in extra-curricular activities paving my way to participate in elocution, debating and essay contests all along.

Great teachers can make a big difference in our lives, for besides making a lasting impression in the classroom they can cast a very positive influence on our life. My teachers were more than mere educators. They also always played that vital role as a dear friend, counselor and mentor.

Many of them have over the years passed away but their so fond memories will always linger. A regular teacher may merely direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire and challenge us to carve out our right path in life. And I was blessed with teachers for whom teaching was an extremely solemn mission and not a mere profession. And for this God will always bless them.

Ever so humbly, I shall always remain heavily beholden to all my dear teachers who imparted me all their invaluable knowledge and guidance that has immensely helped me in all my, often lonely, crusades. To them all, ever so indebted and grateful, I shall always be.


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