With the government having miserably failed to live up to its promise that all the roads of Goa would be restored before Ganesh Chaturthi will the new deadline now be by Christmas.  The roads across the State are in a very despicable state. Its cracks, potholes and craters galore while the roads have also become very accident prone.

The government cannot get away by blaming the rains for the pathetic state of the roads. We all know that the extremely substandard works which is linked to the chronic malaise of corruption is the root cause for the hazardous roads that we have to grapple with.   If there had been proper quality control, the roads would not have been in its current pitiable state. The government needs to wake up from its slumber and embark upon our potholed roads on a priority, especially in view of the fact that the Bombay High Court has ruled that good roads is a fundamental right of every citizen.  Good roads are also a foundation vital to proper traffic management and road discipline.

In 2003 Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had announced that anyone spotting a pothole on any road in Goa would be rewarded with Rs 1000.  Today with no road without potholes all over, what is your take Mr. Pramod Sawant?


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