Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today demanded that the Goa Government immediately withdraw the unlawful ‘Z’ security cover given to Additional Solicitor General Atmaram Nadkarni.

In a letter to the Chief Secretary, Adv. Rodrigues has pointed out that in an unprecedented, very high-handed and arbitrary decision the Goa Government by an order dated 20th September 2017 bestowed ‘Z’security cover to Atmaram Nadkarni.

Drawing the Chief Secretary’s attention that Atmaram Nadkarni over the last two years has been having a security of around 22 police personnel around the clock which includes an escort vehicle, Adv. Rodrigues in his letter has stated that this has been a huge financial burden on an already cash strapped State and that the Goa Police which is short staffed has been assigned for the security of Atmaram Nadkarni which he is by law not entitled to.

Adv. Rodrigues has further drawn the Chief Secretary’s attention that even the Solicitor General of India does not have ‘Z’ security and that the Solicitor General and other Additional Solicitor Generals are assigned only one Personal Security Officer (PSO).

Stating that Security cover is given on the basis of threat perception, Adv. Rodrigues has alleged that for Atmaram Nadkarni the ‘Z’ security has become a status symbol and that he was merrily enjoying this state sponsored security burdening the depleted State exchequer by lakhs of rupees every month.

Demanding that this unwarranted and unlawful ‘Z ‘security given to Atmaram Nadkarni be immediately withdrawn, Adv. Rodrigues has also sought that an inquiry be ordered as to how he was illegally given a facility to which he was not entitled.

Stating that the State exchequer requires funds for development of Goa and cannot be expected to splurge on such wasteful expenditure for the pomposity of one individual, Adv. Rodrigues has further demanded that the government must also recover from Atmaram Nadkarni the total expenditure incurred on his ‘Z’ security over the last two years.


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