The very much publicized so-called humanitarian act by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 4th October having halted his convoy on the Zuari Bridge to assist a tourist couple on a two-wheeler who were thrown aside by a four wheeler is commendable. However, if it was a photo opportunity by Pramod Sawant, it will fool no one.

Pramod Sawant, as you have been the Chief Minister of Goa for over six long months, can you please tell us what measures you have taken to restore the accident prone roads across the State which were and continue to be in a very despicable condition. And Sir, how many Goans have you rescued who are crashing on the roads on a daily basis because of the sordid state of affairs of your mismanaged administration? Pramod Sawant, the buck stops at your door, as roads across Goa are indeed in extremely dire straits.

Pramod Sawant busy as you may be, to see the ground reality could I please request you to take some time off and ride or even be a pillion on a two wheeler just from Mapusa to Panaji and you would experience for yourself the horror the public are enduring on a daily basis especially at the Guirim stretch due to the horribly potholed roads loaded with craters galore on account of the total sheer collapse of Governance in the State.

The Chief Minister should work for the many not just for one couple and certainly not when the cameras are in sight. If only the Chief Minister showed the same duty of care and urgency for all the desperate issues faced by Goans, the plight of the many would not be so precarious as it is. It must be obvious to him that Goa’s roads need urgent action and is of greater importance than a mere photo shoot. Turning a blind eye to the accidents that happen daily is unacceptable!

Positive Action Politics reaps greater reward and respect from the electorate than cheap Gesture Politics!


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