With the recusal by Judges from hearing matters even in the Supreme Court without assigning any reasons, it has rightly raised many an eyebrows.  The Judges in question may have compelling reasons to recuse, but it would be prudent to leave no room for misconception, if the judges do state and record their reason for the recusal. Judges generally recuse from hearing a case when they feel that there is a conflict of interest involved or if the Judge has at some time appeared for any of the litigating parties.

In the interest of Transparency and Purity in the Justice delivery system which is currently enduring very turbulent times, maybe it is time for all Judges to give their specific reason as to why they are compelled to recuse from hearing the case. Judges should take this initiative in the interest of Justice and to be above any doubts.

The Judiciary which is the common man’s last hope for Justice should never ever be under any clout as Justice needs not only to be done but more importantly must be seen to be delivered.


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