Have just been informed by a journalist friend that he has been secretly told by the Crime Branch today that a charge sheet has been filed against me in that false, mischievous and fabricated complaint that was propelled against me in 2016 at the instance of then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. It is very clear that this hurriedly filed charge sheet is a obvious vindictive counter blast to the complaint that I have filed against the Canacona MLA and Deputy Speaker Isidore Fernandes which is now pending before the Panaji Court.

Will respond appropriately as soon as I get a copy of the said charge sheet but the conspirators including some police officers who have been acting as henchmen of the politicians to malign my name will not be spared by the long arm of the law.

I have never ever applied for Portuguese nationality, a Portuguese identity card or a Portuguese passport. All these desperate attempts to deviously malign my name with such false and deceptive complaints will never ever deter or distract my very firm commitment to continue my over four decade long battle against Corruption, Nepotism and Injustice which began in 1975.

Having been born before Goa’s liberation, there was no question of me applying for Portuguese nationality as I was like Manohar Parrikar a Portuguese at birth. If I had applied for Portuguese nationality after Goa’s liberation the details would have been with the Goa Government’s Home department.

Have always only held an Indian Passport which was last not renewed as the 2004 Ribandar Church case was pending against me and 13 other Ribandar residents before the Panaji Court in which we now all stand acquitted.

I have been a voter from Ward No 30 in Ribandar ever since turning 18 and have contested the Assembly elections from St Andre Constituency some decades ago and more recently the CCP polls too.

Many may feel that helping the people especially the poor and down trodden is a thankless job. I beg to differ with this misconception. My biggest and invaluable asset today is my mountain of friends and well wishers across Goa from Polem to Patradevi. Over the years serving the people has been a commitment, I will carry on till my last breath as Goa’s humble soldier. In all that I have done and not done only God and the people at large will judge all my acts and deeds.


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