Now cast into the political wilderness, it is amusing that former Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai is belatedly seeking answers whether he had committed a mistake by supporting the BJP. I had warned him in that open letter which I had addressed to him on 13th March 2017 after the trio led by him along with Rohan Khaunte embraced the BJP overnight in a lightning speed committing the mother of all U turns.

Vijai Sardesai betrayed Goem, shocked every Goenkar and had forsaken his very own Goenkarponn by so rashly and selfishly taking Goa and Goans for a ride.

In that letter I had warned Vijai that  he would never ever be trusted by any one again even by the BJP which would  treat him as a purchasable commodity to be used and disposed off while they would face the public wrath and condemnation for the rest of their lives.

As predicted by me the BJP on this 13th July very unceremoniously chucked the four from the cabinet, an arduous shock that they may never recover from.  For them Political resurrection now is a very uphill task if not a mission impossible.

The conduct of the BJP of use and throw is known to all. Less said the better on how in October 2000 the then BJP coalition Chief Minister Francisco Sardinha was dispatched on a voyage to see the Kangaroos in Australia and was here very unceremoniously and sneakily unsaddled from the throne by Manohar Parrikar. The fate of those 10 Congress MLAs who recently joined the BJP will be no different.

Let me leave Vijai Sardesai with those words of Billy Graham, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost”


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