With the exit of Governor Mridula Sinha after having stonewalled the RTI Act at the Goa Raj Bhavan denying transparency and accountability, we felt that with the appointment of Satya Pal Malik our State would see better days.  But with the announcement now that our Raj Bhavan would be closed to the public for six long months to begin with, in view of that perceived threat to the new Governor who has come to Goa after his contentious stint in Kashmir, it will only take our decaying State further backwards.

Now our Goa has a Governor on paper only but who would be virtually dysfunctional as he would not be accessible to the public and this is absolutely impermissible. And if the life threat to Satya Pal Malik is so severe, his very presence in Goa would put all our lives in this otherwise peaceful State in utter jeopardy.

It was incumbent on the President of India Ram Nath Kovind to ensure that a person faced with such a serious threat is not appointed as Governor anywhere and more particularly in the very peaceful State of Goa.  And with our State coffers being already high and dry, how can anyone justify draining crores of rupees on guarding the Governor who would be a virtual hermit.

And our very hope that Satya Pal Malik would have restored the RTI Act at the Goa Raj Bhavan will remain a very tall dream as he reportedly wound up the enforcement of the RTI Act in Jammu & Kashmir before he left that State.

With our Goa facing multiple problems of a grave collapse in administration and utter bad governance on all fronts, the President of India needs to appoint a much needed pro-active Governor for Goa while he gives Satya Pal Malik a refuge of his choice somewhere else. Let us not put Goa and our peaceful loving Goans in peril on account of having a high risk Governor foisted on our peaceful State which was once known as the Paradise of the East.


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