It is absolutely outrageous and highly condemnable on the part of Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar for having feigned ignorance over the approval given by his Ministry to Karnataka for the project diverting water from the Mhadei.  Javadekar had advance notice as to why the all party delegation from Goa was coming so it was incumbent on him to do his proper homework and have all the answers ready. Any why does the Environment Minister now need ten long days to give a satisfactory reply?

One also fails to understand as to why with modern technology at hand, this jumbo delegation had to travel all the way to Delhi when the interaction with Prakash Javadekar could have been done by video conferencing saving the tax payer this unnecessarily financial burden. Even more frustrating is that the Goa delegation wasted taxpayers money for a cheap gesture politrick and for the cameras and as expected were sent away empty handed and with a pathetic excuse by the Union Minister.

Hopefully with this futile visit to the national capital the only gain for our law makers may be the first-hand experience of the shocking smog threatening the Air Quality index there. Its time they realize that on account of their sheer apathy in misgoverning Goa it is just a matter of time that our State chokes too.

And for taking Goans for a ride on the crucial Madhei issue, Prakash Javadekar may not be a welcome guest for the 50th edition of IFFI being hosted here later this month. He may have hoodwinked his BJP friends in the Goa Government but he will not get the better of the people of Goa who will do everything within their power to protect their precious environment and lifeline.


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