Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has very rightly rejected the skewed proposal to create yet another white elephant by way of a Fisheries Corporation. While there are fully fledged departments to undertake their respective tasks, over the years parallel pointless Corporations have been created solely to rehabilitate politicians and allow them to merrily enjoy free perks and privileges at tax payer’s expense. Infact Kadamba Transport Corporation and the newly created Waste management Corporation are the only two whose existence is justifiable. All the other corporations are an unnecessary huge burden on our debt ridden State and must in public interest be wound up.

Goa’s first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar and his successor Shashikala Kakodkar too had so ably managed Goa besides Daman & Diu with just three Ministers.  And in those days there were no Government Corporations to be doled out to pacify disgruntled MLAs and party politicians.

For rationalization in government spending, strong and sincere austerity measures need to be taken and such criminal waste of public funds on superfluous Corporations needs to end. Fiscal accountability and responsibility has to be an ongoing sustained process with every paisa of the tax payer very judiciously spent. Due to the follies of successive governments we have landed in this huge fiscal upheaval. It is now the bounden duty and responsibility of the authorities to work towards restoring Goa back on the road to economic prosperity. Our very knowledgeable, honest and upright Advocate General Devidas Pangam should sternly advise the government accordingly.


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