It is absolutely outrageous and very highly condemnable on the part of Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar for the utterly devious manner in which he has tried to so crookedly circumvent the people of Goa on the very crucial Madhei issue.

On 4th November when that all party delegation from Goa met Prakash Javadekar in Delhi he was posed a specific question and he had categorically assured a precise response within ten days. Now past that deadline Prakash Javadekar with his belated skewed reply should hang his head in shame and dare not challenge the intelligentsia of Goans. This calls into question his integrity and the way Goans are treated with contempt by the Centre.

The BJP has proven to be an absolute squad of liars with their very own oldest ally the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra being the latest to have belatedly realized it.

For every Goan the battle for our Madhei is a do or die, to ensure that every precious drop is saved for the well being of Goans. Posterity will never forgive us if we don’t battle this so vital Madhei battle and allow our lifeline to dry up and our ecology destroyed. It is inevitable that Goans will not be hoodwinked by pathetic excuses from the Centre and will no doubt make their strong feelings, disappointment and frustration clear to the Union minister Javadekar while he is here for IFFI.


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