The incomplete Third Mandovi Bridge was hurriedly inaugurated on January 27th this year but the authorities have been ever so very lax over clearing the debris lying all around. The pile up of all that huge waste lying on both sides and under the bridge needs to be cleared on a priority.

It was incumbent on the government to ensure that the bridge was complete in all respects, especially since crores of rupees have been spent. The government would be well advised to inaugurate any project only when it is completed in all respects. Cutting ribbons of half baked incomplete ventures to score cheap political points is not permissible and should be strongly resisted. Also the foundation of any project has to laid only when the work actually commences. Across Goa we have a gallery of foundation stones rotting for years with not even a brick laid.

Every paisa from the State exchequer must be very judiciously spent. There must be utter transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility all along.


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