While in the Opposition, Goa’s BJP’s Mahila Morcha was ever so aggressive while roaring and demonstrating against every price hike. But surprisingly there has not been even a tear shed on the now continuing unaffordable rates of onions and other essential commodities. Even against the Casinos, under Manohar Parrikar the BJP Mahilas had raised an awful ruckus. But once in Power that dust seems to have conveniently settled.  The BJP Mahilas are now opportunely even mute on the recent hike in the rates of Milk and LPG. Less said the better on the escalating rates of fuel which every common man and woman have to grapple with.

All said and done just because the State’s Mahila Morcha is headed by Goa’s First Lady Sulakshana Sawant being the wife of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant it should not deter her and the team from firmly standing up against any social and economic injustice to the Women in particular and Goans at large.

In a democracy while voicing out on social issues and causes that affect particularly the poor and underprivileged, we need to look beyond political party lines. We require to voice out fearlessly against any and all those ills grappling our society. Goa is currently in extremely dire straits and let us hope that the Women and Student Power that has always been a force to reckon with, will step in to rescue our State from being further sunk.

It is always important to stand up for what you believe in and shout from the rooftops even if it causes waves.


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