Despite the Supreme Court having ruled that public roads cannot be closed even for the movement of VIP vehicles, the traffic mayhem witnessed in Panaji on 3rd January is highly condemnable. The BJP blatantly breached the conditions imposed by the District Magistrate in the permission granted to them as they were required to ensure that flow of vehicular traffic on the surrounding roads was not obstructed. It was a sheer abuse of power while the commuting public were put to great inconvenience on account of the traffic jam all over while the police miserably failed in controlling the mess. People were hired from across Goa and herded in buses to the capital to attend that rally. The authorities should have infact not permitted such a chaotic event that threw the city out of gear. Such politics of disruption of normal life is impermissible.

The BJP owes a public apology and should also tell us whether it was the Casino and the builders lobby that funded this exceedingly expensive rally or did the moolah flow from the now booming drugs mafia in the State. Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Very sadly we are witnessing it all in Goa.

This arrogant and unnecessary abuse and ego trip by the BJP is also an insult to the people of Goa as it ignores their desperate priorities and urgent issues. From Mhadei to Mining all the critical priorities are being overlooked and shelved. In any well governed democracy, a government must always be of the people by the people and for the people not party!


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