In 2012 the BJP in Goa rode to Power with a very clear mandate after promising Good Governance and Zero Tolerance to Corruption.  But nothing more needs to be said on what happened once Manohar Parrikar became the Chief Minister. It was an unending string of U-turns and rank Corruption galore.

As a mere eyewash on 30th April 2013 Manohar Parrikar introduced the Goa Right of Citizens to Time Bound Delivery to Public Services Bill. That Bill came for consideration on 2nd May 2013 and was passed in just a few minutes with only four MLAs participating in that debate on such a crucial and vital legislation.  It is evident from the records of the Legislative Assembly that even what those four MLAs murmured had nothing to do with the contents of that bill.

Due to the very poor intellectual acumen of the MLAs we elect, it is imperative that any legislation that the government proposes should be placed in public domain for inputs from the Public. It would be in Goa’s interests if every proposed bill is also discussed and deliberated extensively by the so resourceful staff and students of Goa’s both law colleges.

Transparency and accountability in the functioning of the government is so very crucial but with almost all government employees over the last few years in particular having been selected not on merit but for extraneous reasons,  Goa finds itself entangled in this current Administrative Anarchy.

Goa being India’s smallest State could have been so well administered as an example to the Nation but today we even find ourselves ranked 19th as far as ease of doing Business. This utter lethargy and sheer laxity in the administration is there for even the blind to see. There is absolute lack of intent by those in Power and Office to ensure that Good Governance reaches the door steps of every Citizen, more particularly the poorest of the poor. But our those 10 MLAs elected on the Congress ticket joined the BJP for their very vested interests and sunk what remains of our once beautiful Goa.


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