That unprecedented and very highhanded midnight arrest of Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte on an alleged bogus and fabricated complaint filed against him by a BJP spokesperson who is not an elected member of the House is highly condemnable. The police are duty bound to uphold the law at all times and cannot be succumbing to the unlawful diktats of the political bosses.

I have myself seen how Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister and later as Defence Minister misused the Crime Branch to harass me with false cases while I was summoned even on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

In this Rohan Khaunte saga the conduct of the Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly was so appalling as the Speaker has to be non-partisan and cannot act as a stooge of the ruling party. The Speaker hastily sacrificed his fundamental responsibility of impartiality and failed to protect the sanctity of the House or to protect its members simply to satisfy the orders of the BJP. This is a matter of immense concern and ever so undemocratic and brings the office of the Speaker into utter disrepute.

Let us hope this abuse of democracy and law and order never ever happens again.


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