Delhi witnessed a very high voltage election campaign for the Assembly polls with even Narendra Modi and Amit Shah fiercely addressing hordes of public meetings. So, if after all that politriks, the BJP loses as all exit polls indicate, they should hang their heads in shame.

While in the Opposition the BJP time and again stalled the proceedings in Parliament, vigorously used the RTI Act, professed freedom of speech and right to demonstrate, but after coming to power in 2014 they have piece by piece dismantled the very sacred fundamental basics of our Indian Constitution and democracy by divisive politics. Playing double standards has become the hallmark of the BJP!

Under the BJP the Election Commission of India has lost its independence, the Reserve Bank its autonomy while the CBI has become a weapon to harass the political opponents. The very arrogant and power intoxicated BJP now wants the very sacred Judiciary to also operate as a wing of the ruling party.

The peoples’ top priorities are what matter and they deserve and expect our great country to remain secular and democratic with a strong economy and where the sanctity and independence of our judiciary and institutions are upheld and respected.

The BJP government in denial over a rapidly faltering economy and prepared to blatantly abuse its power by trampling on key institutions will only result in a further erosion of public trust and support as the results in Delhi will demonstrate.


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