Those very detestable and skewed statements fired against our Archbishop the Most Reverend Filipe Neri Ferrao by the RSS indoctrinated former South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar and on whom less said the better Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho is highly condemnable and in utter bad taste.

The BJP should get their act together at least now after their Waterloo in the Delhi Assembly elections. There can be no room whatsoever for politics of hate and the current divisive atmosphere is so very disturbing. There can also be no space at all for intolerance. The long term implications of what is currently going on across our India is so dreadful. The election results in Delhi, the capital and seat of Government was a warning by the people to say to the BJP loudly and clearly that enough is enough! The message to the government could not have been clearer! Sustainable development, and vital services like hospitals, schools, electricity, water, roads for the benefit of the people matter far more to the populace than destructive divisive politics of hate, religious or communal divide and the deliberate segregation of people based on arbitrary criteria. People are justified to treat such callous moves by the BJP as a deliberate distraction from the harsh reality of the poor performance of the rapidly faltering economy.

Our fundamental right to freedom of speech and the very sacred right to dissent in the world’s largest democracy can never ever be compromised.  India’s very secular fabric needs to be preserved at all costs. Our great country should forever thrive on the concept of Unity in Diversity which our nation was always proud of. United we stand Divided we fall!

Let us all very unitedly appeal to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Amit Shah to please lay to eternal rest that very controversial, divisive and needless CAA/NRC and NPR and let us all work together to ensure that Peace and Understanding prevails while ensuring that our great India attains its long overdue status of a Super Power. Toiling towards the much needed recovery of the country’s currently extremely faltering economy should be our one and only top priority.

This BJP Government must realise that an important aspect of open Government is that Government and public institutions must be receptive to public engagement and feedback from citizens and all feedback must be treated with respect and reflected on, not abused, condemned and dismissed out of hand. We, like all Delhiites know that Unity means Strength!




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